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Wednesday, 8-May-2013 06:03
The third Design A Sex Toy Competition has now launched,
A recent American survery, the National Survery of Sexual Health and Behaviour, has produced some startling statistics. Described as the largest national sex survey ever published, the result included the shocking fact that one in three American women experienced some pain the last time they had sex.he Sh! girlz are worried by this. First, we want to know why?

If a third of men found sex painful, it would be a major public health issue (the figure for men was 5%). So how come a third of women are experiencing this and it takes a massive nationwide study to find out? Second, whats being done?

Its everyones right to experience a healthy and fulfilling sex life, which includes enjoying fun, pain-free sex. Doctors and support groups can be incredibly helpful for women experiencing painful sex, and there is more information on the subject available now than ever before, but there are still so many misconceptions and misunderstandings out there that the Sh! Girlz just have to put in a few words of advice.Weve come up with a quick list of things that can be helpful for pain-free sex.ush Lubricant1. Lube Up, Ladiez!Not enough lubrication can be a major cause of pain and discomfort during sex, and the list of things that can affect a womans natural lubrication is huge stress, tiredness, the time of the month, medications, and all sorts of other things can make your lady-garden a little less luscious.

So theres no need to worry about reaching for the lube bottle a good lube like Lush or Probe makes everything slick and slippy, and wont unbalance your vaginal eco-system just provide a smoother and more sensuous experience!2. Get it checkedIts worth getting a checkup to rule out likely causes of painful sex, like infectio a bonus entry!) and let us know you've done it.ollow my blog on Twitter = 1 entry.ike the my blog Sexual Happiness Facebook Page =1 entry.nce you follow or like us, fill in the quick form below to let us know enter the competition.his competition is now closed.The winner was Karen from Surrey.ack to Bed Bundle - worth over 100!Include.

Well before hand so it was nice and slippery then put in on my clit in slow speed first for a few minutes, the feeling of the nobbly bits with the thin tongue running along the side was amazing and different..I could only last a minute or two before I had an intense orgasm.An intense but quick orgasm.quot;ead the full reviewbyGTSH.id you know that the Sqweel was the winner of my blog's first everDesign A Sex Toy Competitionand has been a huge success for inventor Trevor Murphy?

The third Design A Sex Toy Competition has now launched, and if you think you can create a new sex toy to rival the Sqweel then submit your idea today!Featured in this blog post:Design A Sex Toy CompetitionSex Toy ReviewsSqweel Oral Sex SimulatorSqweel LubeSqweevee Sqweel Vibrator HolderSqweeler Pearl Tongue Sqweel InsertSqweeler Tingle Tongue Sqweel InsertSqweeler Wave Tongue Sqweel InsertVibrator Reviews.

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